Access Ramps

What Are Wheelchair Ramps ? 

Are typically installed in addition to or instead of stairs. Ramps allow wheelchair users, as well as people pushing strollers, carts, or other wheeled objects, to more easily access a home or building. A wheelchair ramp can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable. Permanent ramps are designed to be bolted or otherwise attached in place. Semi-permanent ramps are commonly used for the short term such as for rental properties/events allowing them to be easily removed and reused. Permanent and semi-permanent wheelchair ramps are usually of aluminium, timber or concrete. Portable ramps are usually aluminium or fibreglass, lightweight but sturdy and fold for ease of transport. Portable ramps are primarily intended for home, vehicle and building use for heights up to 400mm.

Is a pathway that lets people move between two levels or landing places on a gradual slope. Ramps have a gradient between 1:14 and 1:20 and are equipped with handrails and kerbs. Ramps must have a landing at the top and bottom, at changes of direction and have mid landings at 9m for 1:14 grade or at 15m intervals for 1:20. A landing should be a minimum of 1200mm at top and bottom and 1500mm when there is a change of direction.


 Step Ramp

Step Ramps are intended to enable access at a door threshold or other situations such as landings or footpaths. A step ramp must have a slope of no more than 1:10, a maximum rise of 190mm and a length no greater than 1900mm. A step ramp will have a 45° splayed edge where there is pedestrian cross traffic or otherwise protected by a suitable barrier such as handrail as per AS1428.1 guidelines.


 Kerb Ramp

A kerb ramp is a ramp that gives access from a footpath to a roadway. Kerb ramps  provide access for wheelchairs users , bicyles, pedestrians with prams and the general public. Kerb ramps are generally solid and made out of concrete and normally the responsibility of the local council. Kerb Ramps must have a slope of no more than 1:8, have a maximum rise of 190mm and a length of 1520mm.

​​​​​​​ Threshold Ramp
A threshold ramp is a ramp that allows access to a doorway. A threshold ramp will enable people with prams, strollers and mobility devices such as wheelchairs to access doorways more easily. A threshold ramp will have a 45° splayed edge where there the ramp does not abut a wall. The gradient is 1:8, maximum rise of 35mm with a length no greater than 280mm.