Solid Rubber Access Ramps


Rubber Threshold Ramps

Our wheelchair ramps are developed for ease of access through doorways and entrances into shower recesses. Our rubber ramps and wedges have superior stability and are slip-resistant, reducing the risk of trips and falls.The tough, long-lasting rubber creates a smooth transition for wheelchairs and for those using walking frames. There’s no limit to their applications. These ramps can be installed in a range of buildings including:

  • Residential buildings

  • Offices

  • Aged-care centres and hospitals

  • Schools

  • Factories and industrial settings

  • Warehouses

  • Shopping centres

Benefits :

Greater Access – enables access for wheelchairs and walking frames to all kinds of elevated or sunken doorways and entrances.

Reduced Risk of Trips and Falls – lets you enter doorways with ease and comfort, without having to navigate any giant steps. This makes them a great solution to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) risks in the workplace.

Long Lasting – we recycle rubber tyres to make our products, using a material that lasts for decades and won’t breakdown due to heavy use.
Weather Resistant – can be used in wet or dry, hot and cold conditions. They don’t erode in the face of adverse weather.
Easily Installed – can be installed permanently or as temporary fixtures. They’re easily moved and can be put into storage.
Standard Sizes or Made to Order – our rubber ramps, like all of our products, can be easily customised....