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Mobile Arts Platform

Eastern Riverina Arts, in collaboration with IDEAS Disability Information, brought accessibility to the forefront of arts and culture by delivering the first fully-accessible art space to West Wyalong with the help of RampAssist. 20 local artists with disabilities showcased a host of great works in the Riverina’s innovative, transportable and fully-accessible art space.  One such work from the PLATFORM event was done by Bliss Cavanaugh, a sensory artist and room designer. 

Alongside Cavanaugh’s captivating, multi-sensory shipping container was Ezy-Dun – a portable bathroom made fully-accessible with the help of our commercial ramp. This was just one element across many accessibility factors offered throughout the festival, including shuttle buses to and from multiple sites.

“The vivid realisation of an arts space accompanied by the much needed portable, accessible bathroom gives the opportunity for all people to get out amongst their own community festivals” said IDEAS Executive Officer, Diana Palmer.

Our commercial ramp was most suitable for the PLATFORM initiative, as it can be both easily disassembled and reassembled, facilitating multiple reuses. This means that wherever PLATFORM is taken across Australia, Eastern Riverina Arts and IDEAS can ensure accessibility and portability of such a necessary event feature.

With pandemic restrictions easing, we hope to support PLATFORM and other fully-accessible arts and culture initiatives across the nation. For more information on our commercial ramps, please visit our website: or contact us at:

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